Part C, JiaFu Industrial Zone, High-tech Development Area,QingYuan City,GuangDong Province,China.


  • Part C, JiaFu Industrial Zone, High-tech Development Area,QingYuan City,GuangDong Province,China.
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Fuying Electronics adheres to the basic principle of people-oriented, and emphasizes team fighting. Our enterprise and every employee are a community of interests. We pursue the perfect combination of enterprise development and individual “dream”.


Based on the insight of the industry development direction, comprehensive grasp of the PCB industry market pulse, improve the product structure, give full play to their own advantages, enhance the visibility and influence of the company.


Advanced equipment, combined with digital and 5G technology, we sincerely invite domestic first-class technical team to develop intelligent factory, improve productivity and quality, and create a new field of intelligent production.

Industry 4.0?

Digital Intelligent Manufacturing Factory
Establish Product The Whole Process Traceability

We have 10+ Years Development Journey

Under the new economic environment, the management system should be adjusted and improved continuously in view of the complicated market changes. Because we live in an era of unprecedented scale, an era of innovation, an era of dramatic change. The changing world holds business opportunities, just as great wealth lies beneath an unknown iceberg. Therefore, the excellent core team of Fuying Electronics achieved the great cause of Fuying Electronics with strategic imagination and forward-thinking, and timely put forward the ”system“ reform is imperative, ”follow the general trend“ and ”do great things“. Only by continuous reform and innovation, can we create miracles, make the rich and prosperous forever, smell the business opportunities in the market, march into new markets bravely and enter the high-tech field. Make Fuying Electronics to create the enterprise myth of the new era again, which is also the decisive way to create a global brand; At the same time to show the world Fuying people “ full of vigor, the heroic adverbial of the world“ , do global Fuying.


Process Capability

Integrity is our most important intangible asset. Fuying insists on serving and winning customers with integrity. Our heart is open, can say must do, action; We adhere to customer demand orientation, continuous innovation, forge ahead, and will be transformed into real productivity.

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The most stringent standards control the quality of products

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We Have a Professional Consulting Team
Sales business Global coverage

Customer service is the only reason for Fuying's existence, and customer demand is the driving force for Fuying's development. Continuous improvement to provide customers with more perfect service, is the direction of our work and value evaluation of the ruler, grow with customers, customer success is our own achievement.

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produce high quality products

Companies adhering to the ”continuous improvement of product quality, to meet customer demand“ for the purpose of dedication to create quality, efficient service for customers. Relying on the world's leading manufacturing equipment, industry science and technology elite, our product quality is more high-end, precision, high quality, reliable.


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Teamwork is not only a cross-cultural spirit of group collaboration, but also a guarantee to improve cohesion and process efficiency. Fuying always insists that unity is productivity in the fierce competition.